Two crows perched on a tree branch in the early morning light, looking wise and contemplative.

What makes crows one of the smartest birds?

The intelligence of crows, a topic explored in countless studies like those by Dr. John Marzluff at the University of Washington, has long fascinated scientists, mythologists, and observers alike. Nestled within the genus Corvus, these birds showcase an impressive cognitive prowess. Often compared to a 7-year-old child in terms of cognitive abilities, the depth and breadth of crow intelligence are what this article aims to explore, illustrating what makes these birds stand out in the avian kingdom.

Brain Anatomy and Intelligence

Evolution has blessed crows with large forebrains, similar to primates, as highlighted in research by the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology. This brain structure underpins their ability to strategize, showcasing unparalleled problem-solving, tool usage, and memory among birds.

Learning and Adaptation in Urban Settings

Urban environments are rife with challenges and crows have emerged as savvy city-dwellers. They’ve decoded traffic light patterns, discerned the routine of garbage trucks, and even identified individual humans as friends or foes based on previous encounters. These urban feats aren’t just about survival; they signify an adeptness at understanding and manipulating complex environments.

Tool Usage and Problem Solving

One of the hallmarks of advanced intelligence in the animal kingdom is tool use. Crows have exhibited this skill in spades. From bending twigs to craft hooks to using leaves as bait for fishing, their tool-making and using capabilities were once thought to be exclusive to primates.

Social Dynamics and Memory

Much of a crow’s intellect is exercised in its social world. Crows remember allies and adversaries and have been known to engage in “crow wars,” drawing on complex social strategies. These battles are not about might, but wit.

Communication and Language

The communication range of crows extends beyond mere calls. They convey intricate messages, imitate other species, and even develop regional ‘dialects.’ This variation in vocalization isn’t just for show—it’s an indication of their ability to understand, interpret, and respond to multifaceted auditory cues.

Insights into Crow Cognition

Recent experiments have showcased crows’ ability to understand water displacement, engage in deceit, and even possess a sense of self — attributes that highlight an intellectual depth previously unattributed to birds.

Human-Crow Interactions: A Testament to Intelligence

Our dynamic with crows is evolving. As we recognize their intelligence, many have started to engage with crows in urban settings, leading to positive interactions that blur the lines between wild animals and sentient beings.


While the world of birds boasts various species, few challenge our understanding of avian cognition quite like crows. Their blend of adaptability, problem-solving, and intricate social behaviors firmly places them among the animal kingdom’s brightest.

Crow Intelligence Highlights:

  • Crows can recognize individual human faces and remember them for years.
  • Their tool-making abilities extend beyond twigs; they can even use their own feathers.
  • Crows exhibit deceit, often pretending to hide food to mislead potential thieves.
  • Their social behaviors, like crow wars and alliances, signify deep social understanding.
  • Crows can differentiate between voices and even human languages, indicating a high level of auditory intelligence.
  • Research suggests that crows dream, potentially replaying and processing their daily experiences.

Crow Intelligence (FAQ)

How smart is a crow IQ?

While the concept of IQ is primarily designed for humans, crows showcase intelligence that is often compared to that of a 7-year-old child. They can recognize faces, use tools, and even exhibit long-term memory and planning skills. Their cognitive abilities, like understanding water displacement and modifying tools to suit their needs, underline their intelligence.

Are crows the most intelligent animal?

While it might be a stretch to claim crows are the most intelligent animals, they are certainly among the smartest birds and hold a significant place in the animal kingdom for their remarkable cognitive skills. They stand out due to their problem-solving abilities, tool use, and sophisticated social behaviors.

What is smarter than a crow?

While crows are incredibly intelligent, certain primates, dolphins, and elephants are often regarded as having superior cognitive abilities. For instance, primates like chimpanzees and bonobos showcase complex tool use, social interactions, and even rudimentary language skills that might surpass those of crows.

What animal has the highest IQ?

Determining the “highest IQ” in animals is challenging since IQ tests are human-centric. However, in terms of complex cognitive abilities, great apes (like chimpanzees and orangutans), elephants, and dolphins often top the list. These animals showcase self-awareness, problem-solving skills, and intricate social behaviors.

What animal is closest to human intelligence?

Great apes, especially chimpanzees, are often considered closest to human intelligence. They share about 98.7% of our DNA and exhibit behaviors like tool use, planning, cooperation, and even elements of culture and tribal warfare. Additionally, they can learn basic sign language and can understand certain abstract concepts.

Who is smarter, a crow or an eagle?

While both crows and eagles are intelligent, they showcase different kinds of intelligence adapted to their lifestyles. Eagles are apex predators with keen eyesight and hunting skills. Crows, on the other hand, exhibit more problem-solving abilities, tool use, and social interactions. In terms of adaptability and varied cognitive skills, crows might have an edge.

Can crows understand human language?

While crows can’t “understand” human language in the way we do, they can recognize specific sounds, words, or cues and associate them with particular outcomes or behaviors. This ability, combined with their talent for mimicking sounds, showcases their auditory intelligence.

Are owls intelligent?

Owls, often symbolized as wise creatures in many cultures, do possess sharp sensory skills, especially their keen eyesight and hearing. However, in terms of problem-solving, tool use, and adaptability, they don’t exhibit the same level of cognitive abilities as crows. Their intelligence is more specialized, adapted primarily for nocturnal hunting.

Why Crows is as Smart as 7 Year Old Humans

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